Future Makers 2018
Future Makers Day 2018
Alexandru Harasim is Technology Alliances Manager at Romania’s first Unicorn, UiPath, with focus on Natural Language Processing and Process Mining technology verticals.
Norbert Herbert is Senior Technical Consultant at Actility, a leading provider of network solutions and managed information systems for the Internet of Things. During Innovations for Tomorrow conference, he gave a speech on how IoT will change businesses.

Mark Turrell, nominated by The World Economic Forum a Technology Pioneer and a Young Global Leader, works at the intersection of business, technology and society in areas including innovation, blockchain and cryptocurrencies. During Innovations for Tomorrow conference, he gave a speech on digitalization of workforce.
Throwback to #FutureMakersDay.
Alfonso Molina, an Ashoka Fellow, is tackling school drop out through technology. During Innovations for Tomorrow conference, he gave a fascinating speech on the future of education in relation to technology.
”(…) the 21st century requires open thinking, open attitude, curiosity, experimenting, love of learning (…). There are so many key words that caracterize the skills that we should be able to develop in order to face the territory of 21st century. We have summarized that into one word: self entrepreneurship (..) an entrepreneurship of ourselves. Everybody should be a self entrepreneur.”
You can listen to the entire speech here.
00:21:05 – Rose Lucklin, UCL

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