The day begins with a pleasing sunrise. It’s not to hot nor to cold. It’s the end of march and in the trees bloom with the spring. The ESC-House‘s garden is working restlessly. Flowers direct their blooms toward the sun, first nondescript and tender leaves sprouting from the ground. Under the tree I was sitting with a coffee and a book marveling at the details around me.

But one thing was annoying, like a thorn in this harmony. It was the question: What are those wonderful plants??

With the task of searching a personal project in mind, I researched, analyzed, photographed and documented the changes and developments of this great microcosm. Later this activity became my personal project and created a little book called „Herbarium – The Garden Of Our ESC-House“. This book lists all the plants of our garden while blooming in the period of 1 Month. In this book I wrote down all the important knowledge I learned regarding to those plants. It includes many pictures of the plants and a map of the garden is showing where this plant was found. I collected some of those plants to dry them for the book. Now the book is ready, proudly holding 28 pages.

In the end this personal project helped me a lot increasing my knowledge about plants and did teach me about creating a herbarium. But the most important lesson I learned is that beauty isn’t always exuberant, flashy and bragging around, sometimes it hides right in front of you. It’s up to you to recognize it.