🇷🇴 Go Romania is excited to announce the search for young enthusiasts ready to participate in a dynamic and impactful volunteering project in Craiova, Romania!

📌 We value diversity and are eagerly looking for volunteers with a wide range of interests, experiences, and cultural backgrounds. This project offers a unique opportunity to connect with other international volunteers and collaborate on activities that not only stimulate personal growth but also create a positive impact on the community.

🤝 The chosen volunteers will play an essential role in assisting with daily project activities, and they will have the exciting chance to organize various events and workshops based on their passions and the interests of the local youth. All activities will be conducted under the supportive guidance of an experienced coordinator who will also provide thorough preparation for each endeavor. Moreover, volunteers will actively participate in coordinating and proposing events, fostering a sense of ownership and empowerment.

📍 The Volunteer Tasks Include:

  • Educational activities focused on sustainable development, promoting eco-awareness and fostering environmental consciousness among the community.
  • Organizing exciting outdoor youth events to encourage engagement and foster a sense of unity.
  • Conducting arts & crafts, DIY, and repair workshops to promote creativity and practical skills.
  • Arranging educational trips, workshops, fairs, and festivals to enrich community life.
  • Assisting in writing and coordinating solidarity projects, acquiring valuable experience in project management.
  • Taking part in the eco-management of the Jiu River, engaging in activities like boating and kayaking while contributing to the preservation of the environment.

🌍 This extraordinary volunteering journey will be based in the vibrant city of Craiova, Romania. Two options are available for prospective volunteers:
✴️ 2 to 5 months volunteering contract ENDING IN AUGUST 2024
❇️ 6-12 months individual volunteering contract ENDING IN DECEMBER 2024.

💡 The project is co-funded by the European Solidarity Corps program. During the project, we will provide food, accommodation, insurance, and pocket money, ensuring a comfortable and worry-free experience for participants. All you have to do is 25-30 volunteer work hours a week and everything else is provided.

👀 For a glimpse of our past activities and the community impact we have created, explore our Facebook or Instagram page.

⭐️ If you’re excited about contributing to a meaningful cause, connecting with inspiring individuals, and making a difference in the lives of others, we encourage you to apply as an international volunteer! Simply fill in our awesome application form, and let the journey of a lifetime begin! 😊

We understand that completing the entire form might feel overwhelming. However, not all fields are mandatory, but the more information you share with us, the better we can tailor the program to ensure you have a positive and fulfilling experience throughout. Our team has worked diligently to create a well-rounded set of activities that will resonate with you.

We value authenticity and encourage you to be true to yourself when providing information about your skills, competences, and expectations. This project is about finding the right fit for both you and the program, as it involves a long-term commitment that should be enjoyable and rewarding for all parties involved.

Please submit the form as soon as possible so that we can initiate the interview process promptly. Our aim is to review your responses carefully and get back to you via text or email. The interview will provide an opportunity for you to meet our team, ask questions about the project, activities, and immerse yourself in the local culture.

Remember, we are eagerly awaiting your applications and are thrilled to embark on this journey together! If you have any queries or concerns, feel free to reach out to us. We are here to make this experience enriching and unforgettable for you. Let’s make a positive impact together! 🌿

About the project

The chosen volunteer will actively participate in daily activities, contribute to the program, and have the unique opportunity to organize diverse events and workshops based on their interests and the preferences of other project youth.

Candidates are expected to demonstrate self-initiative, motivation, patience, flexibility, open-mindedness, environmentalism, creativity, good communication skills, and a keen interest in working with children and youth. Fluency in English is essential.

Throughout the project, you will engage in a variety of enriching activities, including sustainable development learning, leading outdoor youth activities, arts and crafts, DIY, and repair workshops. You will also take part in educational excursions, organize workshops, fairs, and festivals, delve into small-scale regenerative agriculture, explore Permaculture Design, and learn project writing, coordination, and management. Additionally, you will participate in eco-stewardship of the Jiu River, navigating by boats and kayaks, and enjoy many other fun and cool learning experiences!

Upon completing the activity, volunteers receive both digital and, if requested, paper certificates 📜, including a YouthPass certificate and a European Solidarity Corps participation certificate. Recognize your achievements and contributions with these valuable credentials!

The volunteering world described by the volunteers

Facts and Requirements

🌱 Age: 18-30 years old

🌍 Participant Country: Any European or program country resident

Skills in music, gardening, sport, manual activities, handcrafts, dance, art, and multimedia would be beneficial.

🎒 Your travel expenses will be refunded (Green Travel available for 4 travel days roundtrip) if necessary documents are provided.

🚎 If activities are not within walking distance, we’ll cover public transport or provide transportation.

🚲 The organization provides shared bicycles for city use.

📍 Project location: Craiova, Dolj county, Romania

🛏️ Accommodation: Shared fully functional apartment with internet and amenities (washing machine, equipped kitchen) near public transport.

🥣 Food: Monthly food budget and pocket money as per ESC financing rules for self-catering. We’ll also cater food or coffee after meetings.

AND… You’ll join hundreds of volunteers experiencing Craiova, where many have made it their home after volunteering.

Venues and activities

  • 🌻 The Creative Utility Garden – 1 or 2 times a week
  • 🏞️ Jiu River eco management – once a month
  • 🏫 Schools in Craiova – 2 to 5 times a week
  • 🏡 Schools in Rural Areas – occasionally
  • 🧘Trainings, project management or office tasks 3 to 5 times a week

All activities will be supervised by an experienced coordinator that will also prepare you for the activity. You will also be coordinating and proposing activities yourselves.

Collaborate with international and local volunteers from various organizations.

Meet other international volunteers during frequent outings.

⛰️ Experience outdoor adventures – April/May onwards, enjoy 2 to 3 days hiking trips.

Craiova captured by an 8-month project volunteer – A video compilation of 1000 clips from their enriching stay in Romania. 💖

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We are very sure you will also have an amazing experience with us!!