March 27 marked the start of a remarkable chapter in my life. Landing in Romania, I was brimming with enthusiasm and readiness to absorb, share, and make a difference. Little did I know that this adventure would be a blend of challenges and heartwarming moments that would shape me profoundly.

The initial month was a whirlwind. Everything, from the language to the culture, felt like a puzzle I needed to solve. Thankfully, the locals were incredibly supportive. They guided me through Romanian classes and helped me immerse myself deeper into their way of life.

Volunteering opened doors to experiences I couldn’t have encountered elsewhere. From nurturing a garden and understanding the intricacies of plant care to crafting engaging activities for school kids, every moment was a learning curve. I had the privilege to share aspects of my own culture while delving into topics like Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and personal growth.


The most rewarding part? The bright smiles and warm hugs from the kids after each activity. These moments formed bonds, turning many of them into my closest companions. Their eagerness to learn and emulate my actions became a driving force, urging me to extend my stay and invest more time in their lives.

This journey wasn’t just about Romania; it was a global exploration. Meeting individuals from Estonia, Azerbaijan, France, Ukraine, Spain, Ecuador, Ireland, and beyond, I discovered a mosaic of cultures within my international team. Conversations with them broadened my horizons, offering glimpses into diverse perspectives and languages. I can now even utter a few words in different tongues!

Beyond the tangible experiences, this volunteering stint unveiled layers of self-awareness. It stretched my limits, honed my leadership skills, and connected me with individuals from varied backgrounds and ages. More significantly, it instilled a sense of sustainable living, nudging me towards a greener lifestyle.

As my time in Romania draws to a close, I cherish every moment, both the highs and lows. There’s a yearning to turn back time and do more, yet within that longing resides gratitude for the unforgettable experiences I’ve amassed.

This volunteering journey, woven with cultural exchanges, personal growth, and lasting friendships, has left an indelible mark. I depart Romania carrying a treasure trove of memories, eager to apply these newfound lessons in my future endeavors.