In Romania, March 1st marks the cherished tradition of „Martisor ce daruieste,” symbolizing the arrival of spring and the spirit of renewal. This year, I had the pleasure of joining the „Life is Better with Friends” association to create special handmade clay pieces for this occasion.

Gathering with fellow members of the LIBWF, we crafted clay pieces adorned with symbols of spring and friendship. Each piece was made with care and intention, reflecting our wishes for health, happiness, and prosperity. And our work will have a deeper meaning because we created these small gestures of kindness in order to help our partners raise donations and continue their work in educating children that are facing economic challenges and don’t have the necessary means and access to education.

Our time together was filled with laughter and creativity as we shared stories and techniques. The process became a celebration of friendship and tradition, strengthening our bonds and connecting us to our cultural heritage.

On the day of „Martisor ce daruieste,” we shared our handmade clay pieces alongside traditional Martisor tokens. The joy and gratitude from recipients reminded us of the importance of friendship and the beauty of tradition.

As we welcomed spring, we carried forward the lessons learned – the value of cherishing traditions and the power of coming together as a community to create something meaningful.

In the end, our simple act of crafting clay pieces became a celebration of friendship and tradition, reminding us that life is indeed better with friends by our side.