Bonjour from Titulescu School! Today was super cool because we had a special French day with three classes. Our awesome volunteer from Morocco led the way, and it was all in French! The students were so excited and really into it.

The classrooms were buzzing with French words, and our Moroccan friend made everything so fun. We did lots of talking about daily stuff, played games, and even had a storytelling time. The stories were amazing, and it was cool to see everyone trying their best in French.

Even if some were shy at first, everyone got into it and helped each other. It wasn’t just about learning French words; it was like going on a fun adventure together.

Our Moroccan friend shared cool stories about life in Morocco, showing us how language is connected to different places and cultures. It felt like we were all friends, no matter where we come from.

As the day ended, we said „bye” but also „see you later” to more French fun at Titulescu School. It wasn’t just learning a language; it was like making new friends and exploring cool stuff together. Can’t wait for more fun days ahead!

By: Islam Tahiri