Volunteering is an adventure that transcends boundaries, offering not just an opportunity to give back but also to learn, grow, and embrace new cultures. My journey began as a Moroccan volunteer landing in Romania, armed with eagerness and a desire to contribute. Little did I know, this experience would not only broaden my horizons but also gift me the language of Romania.

Arriving in Romania, the land and language were unfamiliar to me. Romanian was a mystery; its sounds and words foreign to my ears. However, my volunteer stint changed this narrative entirely. Engaging in community projects and collaborating with locals provided an immersive experience, allowing me to witness daily Romanian life firsthand.

As days turned into weeks, and weeks into months, a remarkable transformation took place. Through interactions, everyday conversations, and the warmth of the Romanian community, I found myself understanding and conversing in Romanian. What was once a string of unfamiliar sounds became a language I could comprehend, articulate, and engage in meaningful dialogue with.

Volunteering became my language teacher, and the Romanian community, my classroom. It wasn’t just about the words; it was about understanding the culture, the nuances, and the soul of the language. Through this immersive experience, I not only gained proficiency in Romanian but also cultivated lasting friendships and a deeper appreciation for the Romanian culture.

Volunteering isn’t solely about giving; it’s a reciprocal journey of learning and growth. My time in Romania wasn’t just about contributing to projects; it was about the invaluable gift of language and cultural exchange. This experience has not only expanded my linguistic abilities but also opened doors to understanding and connecting with a new world. Volunteering truly is a gateway to embracing languages and cultures beyond borders.

By: Islam Tahiri